One day at MTV while just chatting away to glory, me and Roshni Desai came up with the idea of making notebooks out of waste printed material, thats usually discarded in office. The one side printed A4 sheets could easily be bound together and used as think pads. Long after Roshni moved out of MTV, I finally found some time to actually create these notebooks. I took the head peon's help in collecting paper and created artworks in order to package these thinkpads, We sent them to be cut and bound. The actual cost per Notebook (binding/cutting) was Rs.20/-

I would be really glad if offices across globes would start Re-using paper in such a way.Just imagine the no. of trees we would end up saving!
This is how they turned out!
Write on one side , read the other ;)
more covers,, illustrated,coloured on PS.
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