We have been listening to this since the day we were born. Making decisions based on our conditioning or what others will think about it. Patriarchy is a sly system held up by women themselves.
We are all voyeurs. Men and women. We look, like, judge. Repeat. Especially in today's virtual times when it has become so easy to pass comments or opinions about someone and get away with it. You don't have to look that person in the eye, you can just be as nasty as you want without realising that it is a real human you are judging not a facebook post.
Is she your maid? Is she a war hero? Is she feminine enough for you?
Did you pass the test on being the perfect lady?
Who decided the parameters of this exam? Who is evaluating it? Why are we giving anyone the power to judge us? Why are we judging each other? 
These limitations exist in our own minds and they were weaved in slowly into our subconscious, while we were little. These limitations form the fabric of our being and they keep us from our full potential and self realisation. 
This project intends to bring to the foreground these unstated self limitations we create, in order to become that ideal woman. In our quest to be loved or validated, we end up judging ourselves and other women around us instead of actually doing something meaningful in life. 
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