Talking Hanumanji

This book cover design for Talking Hanumanji tries to depict the thoughts and teachings of Hanuman, the great devotee of lord Ram, by applying them in our modern ways of living.

Hanumanji in the modern world
I was approached by Dr. Mukesh Setia, who also happens to be my guru from many years back, to design a book cover for a book dedicated to the Indian god, Hanumanji that he was writing. The book is intended to introduce young and uninitiated minds to spiritual thinking keeping in mind the perils of the modern day world. 
I wanted to make this book look very approachable to anyone between the age of 15 to 35 years. Hence I developed Hanumanji's sketch in a very ninja-like super human style. 
This was a lot of fun. Hope they release more books like these. It would soon be available here 

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